Garth Stevens, Jr., MD

Garth Stevens, Jr., MD

Dr. Stevens specializes in ophthalmology, specifically corneal transplantation. He is board certified by The American Board of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Stevens, Jr., MD offers these procedures:

  • Cataract surgery
  • Corneal transplant
  • Dry eye/tear solutions
  • Iridotomy
  • Removal of cyst/pimple on or in eyelid
  • Removal of growth on conjunctiva
  • Repair of non-functioning or blocked tear duct


For over 20 years, Dr. Stevens has been performing corneal transplantations. In 2001, Dr. Stevens began performing a new type of corneal transplantation – replacing just the back layer of the cornea. Currently, he is performing several newer modifications and better techniques such as DSAEK, DLEK, and DALK. These new techniques have markedly improved the effectiveness and safety of corneal transplantation for patients with a wide variety of corneal problems. As a refractive surgery patient himself, Dr. Stevens has firsthand experiences of the benefits of LASIK, PRK, ICLs, and other refractive procedures.


In 2000, Dr. Stevens opened his own practice with the vision to ensure that patients received quality medical care in a very caring environment. LASIK Center of Virginia is owned and operated by Garth Stevens, Jr., M.D. He began performing LASIK in 1996. He has performed over three thousand procedures. Dr. Stevens has certified over a thousand eye surgeons from around the country, as well as in Canada to perform laser vision correction. Dr. Stevens regularly lectures at VCU School of Medicine.


Dr. Stevens received his doctor of medicine from the University of Virginia, and then completed two fellowships – one in cornea and external disease at Georgetown University, and the other in ocular immunology, at the National Eye Institute. Dr. Stevens is board certified in Ophthalmology.


Most efficient Nurses, warm, friendly, and helpful. They were all Top Notch! The best I’ve ever experienced! The Anesthesiologist was great; giving me anxiety medicine to keep me calm just when I needed it. Dr. Stevens is the Best cataract Surgeon, very precise, made me feel very comfortable and assured. Jennifer G. Mar 2021
Everyone on my team were wonderful. They calmed me down and explained the procedure, which went great. Thank you to Dr. Stevens and Dr. Lipstock and their teams. Dr. Stevens called that evening to check in on me. Jan 2021
Dr. Stevens and his assistant were the greatest. P. S. the whole staff there were wonderful. Thanks. I will definitely recommend Dr. Stevens. Louella H. Oct 2020
Everyone at the facility was very kind. The facility was clean. My procedure was on time. Dr. Garth Stevens was excellent. Marian B. Jul 2020
Dr. Stevens is awesome. Very thoughtful and caring. Impressed that he called the next day to check on me. Megan, Elizabeth and Christie in the OR were very caring, knowledgeable and friendly. They made me feel at home. Thanks for everything! Dale C. Jul 2020
I entered into the experience well informed and confident. The surgery was quick and as painless as it could be. Dr. Stevens even called me in the evening to check on me. That was a class act! Steve C. Jan 2020
Everyone from reception, nurses, anesthesiologist, operating room staff and Dr. Stevens made me feel very comfortable and very important to them. I could not have asked for or received better treatment. All of the staff were excellent. Richard W Apr 2019
Stony Point Surgery Center is a professional facility that seems to run like clock work, with attentive, well-trained staff. In particular, I feel very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Garth Sevens, who has the training and expertise to offer his patients the very best results. Please recognize Nurse Lauren, and Elizabeth. Melody L. Dec 2018
Had no problem whatever. Dr. Stevens did a great job. I didn’t know my sight was as bad as it was until the procedure. They all did a great job. Nancy F. Dec 2018
First time using the facility, all went wonderful! Ladies doing prep were great! Ann and Jennfer very thorough and delivered great communication. Dr. Stevens called that evening to check on me! Virginia R. Oct 2018
It was a very relaxing situation. It was efficiently run. Everyone was polite. The girl in #3 was very pleasant and efficient. The nurses were wonderful and willing to answer questions. I have eye surgery. There was no waiting time. Dr. Stevens appeared very capable, on time, and efficient. I would like to recognize the nursing staff. Dec 2017
I would like to thank Dr. Stevens for my excellent results from my cataract surgeries. I had both eyes done, no problems and I can see. Again thank you. Shirley N, Jan 2017
The staff and Dr. Stevens all did a great job. F. Yates Sep 2016
Dr. Stevens includes confidence. Really made me feel confident. I want to thank the anesthesiologist. –Good stuff. N. Deel Apr 2016
All the nurses who helped me recover after every surgery went beyond and above their duty. I am telling everything how caring they were and helpful. The doctors there are also special, especially Dr. Stevens. Grace B. Mar 2014


2019 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2019 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2020 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2020 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award


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