Daniel Coelho, MD, FACS

Daniel Coelho, MD, FACS

Dr. Coelho specializes in otology and neurotology.

Dr. Coelho, MD, FACS offers these procedures:

  • Ear Tubes
  • Implantable hearing devices
  • Otologic surgery
  • Otoplasty


Daniel H. Coelho, M.D., F.A.C.S., currently holds the position of G. Douglas Hayden Professor of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, Physiology and Biophysics at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where he is director of the Division of Otology & Neurotology. He also serves as the medical director of both the Departments of Otolaryngology and Audiology at VCU as well as the director of the VCU Cochlear Implant Center, one of oldest and largest such centers in the nation. Dr. Coelho’s clinical interests include implantation of malformed and ossified cochleae, tumors of the skull base (acoustic neuromas, glomus tumors), surgery of the facial nerve, surgery of the middle ear and mastoid, cholesteatoma, and other implantable hearing devices. His work with implantable auditory devices is particularly gratifying, and he is proud to be one of the busiest implant surgeons in the United States. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed papers, chapters, and books on otology and neurotology and has lectured across the USA and internationally. Dr. Coelho has served as co- or principal investigator on many funded (both private and public) research endeavors, most recently involving the application of cochlear implant technology for the treatment of anosmia.


Dr. Coelho is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received his medical degree with distinction from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He completed his internship, residency, and chief residency in Otolaryngology at Yale School of Medicine, after which he completed his fellowship in Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery at New York University School of Medicine.


Dr. Coelho is originally from New York. He is very happily married with two adorable daughters. He loves to travel and play jazz piano.


It was a great experience. The staff were so nice and made me feel so comfortable and talked to me about whatever they did. Asked if I had any questions. Dr. Coelho called me that evening to check up on me, and I thought that was so awesome. Pat V. Mar 2019
From a former teacher’s point of view, Dr. Coelho earns an A ++++. I have only superlatives for that doctor, from my office visit to post surgery. He’s extremely professional, yet warm and friendly. I especially appreciated his sense of humor. To receive a follow-up call the night of surgery from the surgeon was most impressive and greatly appreciated. The entire procedure was pain free, and now thirty-six hours later, recovery has been without pain, swelling or bleeding. I am grateful for his expertise, resulting in an exciting life change for me! Rosa N Mar 2018
Great doctors; especially Dr. Coelho. Made me feel very comfortable at surgery. Tremendous personality. W. Woron Apr 2016
I can’t imagine a nicer facility with kinder or better attention to my needs. Plus Dr. Coelho is very kind. Thanks to all. Linda C. Oct 2015
Thoroughly professional treatment by Dr. Coelho and the Stony Point Surgery Center team (registration, anesthesia, pre/post nurse care) from start to finish. Dr. Coelho personally called me the evening of the surgery to check.answer questions. Joseph U. Jan 2015


2019 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2019 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2020 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2020 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award


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