Andrew Michael, MD

Andrew Michael, MD

Dr. Michael specializes in ophthalmology. He is board certified by The American Board of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Michael, MD offers these procedures:

  • Cataract surgery
  • Dry eye/tear solutions
  • Glaucoma
  • Iridotomy
  • Removal of cyst/pimple on or in eyelid
  • Removal of growth on conjunctiva
  • Repair of non-functioning or blocked tear duct
  • Trabeculoplasty surgery for glaucoma
  • Tube drainage


Dr. Andrew Michael entered practice in Denver, Colorado, specializing in the medical and surgical management of glaucoma and cataracts. From 1993 through 1997 he served on the teaching faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. In 1998 Dr. Michael moved to Richmond. He continues to be in demand as a lecturer locally, nationally and internationally. He is involved in numerous research projects and is the author of many articles and publications. He is an editor and co-author of the American Academy of Ophthalmology BCSC Glaucoma Text, which is used to teach ophthalmologists around the world.


In 1998 Dr. Michael brought his experience and skills as a glaucoma and cataract specialist to Richmond. He founded Commonwealth Eye Care Associates in 2000 where he leads a team dedicated to individualized and excellent patient care. He strives to provide his patients with the best possible care, and he enjoys helping to preserve and enhance their vision and life.


Dr. Michael graduated from the University of North Carolina with a B.A. in 1979. He received his M.D. from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School in 1987, and interned in internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center. He completed his specialty residency and a subspecialty in glaucoma from Wills Eye Hospital. Dr. Michael is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.


Dr. Andrew Michael is from Dallas, TX. He is happily married with two children. He enjoys fitness and exercise, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and hanging out with his dog Tucker, a Welsh Corgi.


Everything was done very well and efficient. Very clean. It was very pleasant. Dr. Michael and the nurse were very informative. Thomas C. Mar 2021
Dr. Michael is a wonderful and excellent doctor. He knows his job! Rowena W. Mar 2021
Appreciation is a small word to thank all the wonderful people who touched my life from the first visit through the post-op returns. Thank you, thank you! The entire staff is like a hand in a glove, a great fit! So professional and full of love and joy. Please recognize Dr. Andrew Michael’s entire staff from the office to the surgery suites. Diane S. Feb 2021
Surgery by Dr. Michael went great. Very happy with the results. Dr. Michael’s nurse was super! Very professional and caring. The entire staff took great care of me before, during and after surgery. I highly recommend Stony Point and Dr. Michael. Bill H. Feb 2021
I was a little anxious, but the staff totally prepared me for the procedure. Dr. Michael was great and pleasant. I enjoyed him during the procedure, he kept me calm. Brinda T. Dec 2020
I could not have received better care at your center. The receptionist was especially helpful, as were all of the staff, including nurses and my surgeon, Dr. Andrew Michael. I highly recommend your center! Please recognize Nurses Mary and Jeanette, both were very pleasant and sympathetic. Judy G. Oct 2020
Everyone in the operating room was very nice and very helpful to me. I was very anxious before the surgery, but they made me feel a lot better as we talked. I just didn’t know what to expect. It was not a bad experience at all. Needing the left eye done next week. Glad I know what to expect. I feel that I had an awesome doctor in Dr. Andrew Michael. They were all fantastic! Bernadette P. Jul 2020
Overall experience was good, even though I was nervous about the whole cataract surgery procedure and the outcome. Everyone was cordial and attentive to my needs. Apparently, Dr. Michael is an excellent surgeon. Thank you. Rose A. Jul 2020
I was nervous about the unknown even though all was explained to me. But everyone was awesome! Anesthesia doctor had me out before I ever went into surgery. Awesome! Dr. Michael did surgery on family members and I wanted no one except him. Awesome! Patricia S. Jul 2020
This was the most organized, caring, clean place I have ever experienced. The staff were well trained and made the procedure move smoothly and quickly. Dr. Michael is so thorough and I was up and out in no time. Highly recommend him and his staff to anyone. Karen P. Jun 2020
I had a wonderful experience with my eye surgery from the very beginning with the initial visit to the actual surgery and post-op visit. I changed my mind about the type of lens and Dr. Michael called me at home to discuss this. Very happy with Dr. Michael and the results of the surgery. Denise H. May 2020
Dr. Michael is a wonderful, kind, caring, happy man. I feel lucky to have him as my doctor. All staff members were kind and caring people. Karen S. Mar 2020
I would recommend Dr. Michael, his staff, and this facility to anyone needing cataract surgery. All were great! Carolyn S. Mar 2020
Excellent service. Please recognize nurses Becca and Pam, and Dr. Michael. Amy M. Feb 2020
The staff made my experience at SPSC very easy and pleasant. Everyone was professional, kind and informative. My “prep” person Lindsey was awesome! Dr. Michael is an excellent professional. Brenda F. Dec 2019
Everyone was courteous, compassionate, well-trained and professional. I have high praise for Dr. Andrew Michael, and the entire surgical team. My total experience was the best I could possibly have hoped for. The best thing I ever did! Nurse Pam was very kind! Linda A. Sep 2019
Excellent care for both procedures. Dr. Michael and his staff were very efficient. Excellent results! S.F. Sep 2019
This was my second procedure but it was a wonderful experience as was the first one. Dr. Michael is an excellent surgeon. Everyone seems to know their part and they do it well E.B. Sep 2019
The procedure went much smoother and faster than I expected. I had no complications, soreness or bleeding after the procedure, and recovered very quickly. Dr. Michael was excellent to work with. I’d recommend him and the Stony Point Surgery Center to anyone who finds themselves in need. Renaldo E. Jan 2019
Procedure was effortless and painless for me. Can’t imagine the staff doing a better job. Please recognize Dr. Michael. E Lammay Dec 2018
Dr. Michael is tops, the best. Nurses were great. Kind, respectful, telling me what was going on, expressing confidence and optimism. Not a bit of discomfort or bruising. Wonderful! David W. Dec 2018
Dr. Michael is excellent! Staff was kind and efficient. Nurses were helpful, comforting, respectful, cheerful, and encouraging. Their comradery and conversation among themselves was reassuring. My anesthesiologist was wonderful. Kind, very respectful, comforting, telling me everything he was doing and why. Overall a fine experience. David W. Dec 2018
Thank you all for everything you did for me that day, and for my next eye surgery that will be coming up soon. Dr. Andrew Michael is a very nice doctor, (surgeon) and he took great care of my eyes. God bless you all. May 2018
The most easy and pleasant experience! Everyone was kind and very professional. They all treated me as though I was a member of their family. Couldn’t ask for better treatment. Please recognize Dr. Andrew Michael. Janet M. May 2018
I was very pleased with the staff. Everyone treated me very nice with open arms. Thanks to all. Keep up the great work. Dr. Michael is a wonderful surgeon. Thanks to all of the nurses and everyone who worked with me. Marilyn L Mar 2018
Thanks a million to Dr. Michael and his staff. They did a great job Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Green Jan 2018
I was happy with the way things went. Dr. Michael and everyone were outstanding. Leslie T Nov 2017
I wish for everyone who has to have cataract surgery (or any other surgery) could experience the kind, thoughtful, caring, and professional care that I received from everyone at Stony Point Surgery Center. Also the wonderful results I have. I am so pleased. Dr. Andrew Michael was a wonderful doctor. I am so glad to have been so lucky to receive his care. R. Phllips Sep 2016
Very respectful and courteous. I would recommend Dr. Michael to family and friends. . - C. York Jun 2016
Everything went smoothly on both surgery days. Although I do not recall the names of everyone, all the employees who took care of me were helpful and caring. My only regret was that I did not get to see Dr. Michael again to thank him for his expertise. Post-op went well and vision greatly improved.- R. Glant Apr 2016
Dr. Michael was wonderful. S Packet- Apr 2016
Dr. Michael is great he made me feel comfortable and all the staff were good. Aubrey M. Mar 2016
Dr. Michael is a great surgeon and a wonderful staff that made my surgery very comfortable. Constance O. Feb 2016
Dr. Michael had my eye care in his hands. I was very satisfied with his service. Will use Dr. Michael for the next surgery. I want to recognize “everyone that prep me before hand and in the surgery”. Brenda M. Nov 2015
Dr. Michael was very efficient and professional. Jeannette was kind, considerate, helpful and had a very calming and caring way about her. Anonymous Oct 2015
Everything was great my experience with Dr. Michael was wonderful! Herbert G. Aug 2015
Dr. Michael is a great surgeon. Both my eyes are great. Thanks. Anon. Aug 2015
I had not dreaded the surgery, but was glad to get it done. I could not believe how quickly it went. Dr. Michael was finished and gone before I could thank him! No problems at all. T.N. Feb 2015
I was pleased with both eyes and would certainly recommend anyone to your staff! Dr. Michael was very pleasant and made you feel so comfortable (and laugh a little). Thank you all for something I feared and you turned it into a pleasant experience. Beverly A. Jan 2015
Dr. Michael was on point. Jennifer W. Jan 2015
Very satisfied with my care and results. Thank you to all staff and Dr. Michael. Tim C. Nov 2014
I have nothing but praise. I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful a procedure can go. This was the best experience ever. Dr. Michael is a great doctor with many dedicated nurses and helpers. Thank you all sincerely. Betsy K. Oct 2014
We are very pleased with the care received and the expertise of Dr. Michael. The facility personnel were excellent. Howard W. Aug 2014
Dr. Michael is wonderful. Will not go to anyone else except him – hope he’s around here for a long time. Patrick L. Jul 2014
No improvement is necessary. My procedure went very well. Dr. Michael’s staff is excellent and all of them seem happy, as I heard lots of laughter in the rooms. Doris R. Jun 2014
No improvement is necessary. My procedure went very well. Dr. Michael's staff is excellent and all of them seem happy, as I heard lots of laughter in the rooms. Dolores M. Jun 2014
My husband and I are so impressed with the care I was given by everyone. All staff were so nice and kind. Dr. Michael is just awesome!! Gloria S. Apr 2014
Dr. Michael and his team get A++ on everything! Thank you! Brandi K. Apr 2014
Many thanks to Dr. Michael and his staff for the wonderful care they gave me during my recent surgery. I felt very comfortable in their care. Overall, the experience was a positive one. Ryan H. Apr 2014
I've now been twice in one week and was treated great both times. Both the staff and Dr. Michael are fantastic - I refer SPSC to all my customers and friends/family. Bailey C. Feb 2014


2019 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2019 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2020 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award

2020 MEDRVA Patient Choice Award


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Cataract Surgery

Dr. Michael discusses cataract symptoms and surgical options to remove cataracts.

Jessica Noll: For many people, cataracts are a normal part of aging but the symptoms can be very frustrating. Fortunately they can be removed through a simple outpatient procedure. Dr. Andrew J. Michael and Community Outreach Director Julie Bragg discuss some of the symptoms and surgery options to remove cataracts. Welcome back. We’re talking today about cataract surgery and this is a common procedure for a lot of people isn’t it.

Dr. Andrew Michael: Cataract surgery is the most common outpatient procedure in America.

Jessica Noll: When people learn that they need to have surgery for this what’s the reaction, because you think surgery of the eye – aye, aye, aye.

Dr. Andrew Michael: I think people are appropriately concerned about any kind of surgery. But fortunately cataract surgery is very successful. It’s a very pleasant experience for patients. In fact, the most common reaction that I get is that they’re surprised at how well it goes, and how easy it is, and that they can’t wait to get their other eye done so they can see better with both eyes.

Julie Bragg: And that blew me away when he said that to me; that patients can’t wait. And I’ve actually been in the OR to see Dr. Michael do this and it is so routine. And it is something that we do almost daily at Stony Point. And it’s safe. What’s recovery like?

Dr. Michael: The recovery is remarkably easy for patients. In fact, most of my patients are driving to our office the next day to see us.

Jessica Noll: Wow! That is pretty amazing! When you start, when you’ve reached the point of having the surgery, how long have you been working with patients? Is this a pretty quick thing? Or is it developing over time?

Dr. Michael; Well cataracts develop very slowly over years. People start to get symptoms and maybe a change in glasses might help and be all they need. But at some point they get to a point when the glasses won’t really help them see as good as they want to and that can be months to many, many years depending on how the cataract develops.

Jessica Noll: A few of the symptoms include?

Julie Bragg: Patients typically have blurred vision, or cloudy vision. They may have trouble with glare or halos around lights. If they’re particularly attuned to different colors they may notice that there’s a change in their color perception. Those are the most common symptoms of cataracts.

Jessica Noll: What do you say to that person who’s watching right now and thinking, “I probably need.” I have a dear loved one who’s right now thinking, “Am I at the point where I need to do this?” And he’s scared. What would be your message to them? Is it really one of those things where you’re just putting off the inevitable?

Dr. Michael: Well, if someone feels like their vision is good enough for their needs they don’t have to get anything done. Cataract surgery is elective. But fortunately when someone, maybe perhaps your loved one, gets to the point where they feel like they really would like or need to be seeing better, cataract surgery is extremely successful and a generally good experience for everyone. And so you don’t need to be scared.

Jessica Noll: Dr. Michael is this something that you have to catch early? You said it takes quite a lengthy time to develop, but is it important to have this procedure done at a certain time?

Dr. Michael: Well it’s important for people to have regular eye exams for a lot of reasons. But fortunately cataracts are reversible. So we can take care of a cataract whenever it is detected. It’s unlike other things like glaucoma or other problems that really should be detected early because treatment is easier and more successful earlier. Cataract surgery is not an urgency.

Jessica Noll: You mentioned glaucoma. Is this a related disease to cataracts?

Dr. Michael: Cataracts and glaucoma are generally not related. There are some rare situations where they can be. But typically they are two separate things.

Julie Bragg: And glaucoma is one of those where just living our normal life we wouldn’t necessarily know if we have it, right? Getting back to the importance of those eye exams.

Dr. Michael: The big difference between cataracts and glaucoma is glaucoma is silent. Cataracts slowing lower vision and typically people know their vision is not as good as they would like. Glaucoma is called the sneak thief of sight for good reason because you can be totally asymptomatic. You can have no symptoms at all of glaucoma and be losing vision. A regular, good eye exam is important.

Jessica Noll: Now Julie you mentioned that there may be folks watching right now that this is a procedure that I may have to have done. What about folks who are watching who know that there’s a family history of cataracts. Is this something that follows that family tree?

Dr. Michael: Well, the main risk factor for cataracts is age. If we live long enough we get cataracts. Some cataracts occur earlier in people who have a family history. There is a hereditary, genetic component to cataract and some people do get them earlier. So they may be wanting to see their eye doctor on a regular basis if there’s a family history of early cataracts.

Jessica Noll: Eye exams are crucial.

Julie Bragg: And I just couldn’t believe that something like cataracts surgery that something like cataracts surgery that you could be driving the next day. Because I had heard people say, “I don’t have time in life for this. I can’t be out of commission for several days. And it’s just not like that now.

Jessica Noll: Yeah. That’s fantastic. Driving in to see you practically the next day.

Dr. Michael: They do.

Jessica Noll: They’re getting everything taken care of. Well thank you very much Dr. Andrew Michael for coming in and Julie, thank you. If you have any of the symptoms of cataracts or glaucoma that Dr. Michael mentioned, give Commonwealth Eye Care Associates a call to learn more about treatment options. Call 804-217-6363 or visit online