MEDRVA Healthcare First in Virginia with Device To Reduce Breast Cancer Surgeries

RICHMOND, VA – April 20, 2021 – MEDRVA Healthcare announced today that it has acquired a device allowing breast surgeons to remove tumors more effectively and avoid repeat surgeries after lumpectomies.

One in five breast lumpectomies requires a second surgical procedure, even when the entire tumor is removed.  The subsequent surgery to clean up lingering cancer cells is often described as obtaining “clean margins.”  Achieving clean margins is important, because studies show the likelihood of cancer reoccurring is twice as high when cancer cells are left behind.  

“Worried and fearful, some women, when faced with a second trip to the operating room, opt for a mastectomy,” explained Dr. Kandace P. McGuire, Chief, Section of Breast Surgery at Massey Cancer Center/VCUHS, with privileges at MEDARA Surgery Centers.  “I was delighted when MEDRVA purchased this device, as it is more accurate at identifying positive margins, even in dense breasts, and allows me to remove less tissue, which is better for the patient overall.”  

Dr. McGuire also noted that because physicians can get immediate feedback in the operating room with the device, patients spend less time under anesthesia waiting for their specimen to be transported to a separate site.

The purchase fits MEDRVA Healthcare’s commitment to excellence in outpatient surgery. “Repeat surgeries cost patients, both financially and emotionally, prolonging recovery and raising anxiety,” said Bruce P. Kupper, president and CEO of MEDRVA Healthcare. “When we learned of KUBTEC’s new Mozart 3D specimen imaging device, we knew it would be a natural extension of our efforts to provide the latest technology to our patients and surgeons.” 

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 About MEDRVA Healthcare

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