“One of my current career interest is working in the medical field. Ever since I was little I new that I wanted to help the people around me and impact them in someway. In the medical field I would like to become a pediatrician or a Pathologist. Becoming a Pediatrician would be that I would get to work with kids and I enjoy being with them. You can learn a lot by being surrounded by them. I have always been interested in learning about the human body and getting to help the people around me. That is one of the reasons I would like to become a pathologist.”

“Many young children listen to lullabies to go to sleep. As a child, my lullaby was grumbling conversation punctuated with sharp emotion and the footsteps of excited new parents. These became the sounds I accustomed joy with. Every night my mother was on-call, she would take me to the hospital with her, and it became my second home. The idea that life was changing right around me and that it could be me in the future excited me tremendously. I find this passion most prevalently in helping children. Every child is born with potential to become whoever they want, and I knew from seeing young children as a kid that I wanted to be the one helping them get there. My interest is in the pediatric and neonatal fields, specifically in a surgical capacity. Physical ailments can be devastating to anyone, especially a child, and helping the future generations live their lives in the ways they wish is my goal. I know that I will work tirelessly to achieve it not only for myself, but for them.”

“I’m aiming to be a nurse practitioner for my career choice. I want to help patients by prescribing them medication while also establishing a bond with them. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse because they have a special role in caring for the injured. I think the most aspect of being a nurse is forming a bond with their patient and giving the correct professional care the patient needs.”

“I am highly interested in a career in the medical field as a physician’s assistant, nurse, or doctor. I am especially interested in the field of emergency medicine and am also considering becoming an EMT. My other interests include other fields of science in the scope of forensics, environmental science, and chemistry, in addition to learning international languages. I am currently taking Spanish and Chinese classes, as well as studying Thai on my own and would like to continue studying these languages in college. like to become a pediatrician or a Pathologist. Becoming a Pediatrician would be that I would get to work with kids and I enjoy being with them. You can learn a lot by being surrounded by them. I have always been interested in learning about the human body and getting to help the people around me. That is one of the reasons I would like to become a pathologist.”

“I always loved helping people in need and would love to explore a career in the Healthcare field. Because I also love cooking and baking, I would be interested in combining Healthcare and culinary to create foods that taste good and heal the body of various ailments, disorders, and diseases, especially autoimmune and disorders like Dysautonomia, something I battle myself.”

“Ever since I was 7, I have aspired to become a Pediatric Surgeon. In recent years I have also considered becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. Overall, my career interests have always been concentrated in the medical field.”

“My current career interests lie in the field of neuroscience or psychiatry. Mainly, it’s the mysteries of the brain and how it works that has always fascinated me. My brother has autism and it has always been difficult for me to truly connect with him. I wish that through my studies of the brain I can better understand how his works and what I can do help others like him. To do that, I want to pursue a career in a field that’s constantly evolving, and that is one concerning the brain. I want to challenge myself and my preconceptions of how the brain functions. But, I am also passionate in helping people and want that to stay as my fundamental goal for my future career as a doctor. Additionally, to help advance my education and professional interests, I am currently enrolled in an online Harvard course discussing the fundamentals of neuroscience.”

“I believe that I will enjoy a career where I can directly help people and because science has always been one of my favorite subjects in school, I have been interested in learning more about different professions in the medical field. Through my shadowing experiences, I have been exposed to several different areas of medicine. After spending time with Ann Wallace, I am very interested in becoming a physician’s assistant. Watching her interact with patients, nurses, and doctors offered me a glimpse at a fulfilling, challenging, and fast-paced profession where I can be a part of helping people every single day. I loved all that she did while I was shadowing her.”

“The field of cardiology is not only fascinating but would also be highly rewarding. When studying the interconnectivity of the heart with the blood vessels and lungs, I was completely in awe by how the atria and ventricles pump blood so that even the farthest appendages efficiently receive oxygen. I would love to learn more about heart diseases and the technologies to combat them. Additionally, I lost one of my heroes due to complications of a heart transplant before I was born. As a result, I was never able to meet my grandfather. He was a brilliant rheumatologist and professor who was beloved by his patients for always treating them with compassion, dignity, and respect. With our modern science and advanced technology, he might still be alive. With his memory in mind, I want to carry on his legacy of integrity and empathy and follow my calling to medicine and healing others.”

“I’m interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner or a physician. I’m interested in learning more about the medical field. I have heard great things about MEDRVA. I’m extremely passionate about the medical field and pursuing nursing as a career. My coaches and teachers describe me as someone who is committed, outgoing, and funny. Having this opportunity will give me more insight into the medical field.”

“I have been interested in medicine for as long as I can remember. My parents both work in medicine-related fields (my father is a professor of Exercise Physiology at VCU and my mother is a mental health counselor), and that is what sparked my interest. After lifeguarding last summer, I realized that I was interested in emergency medicine and intensive-care. Lifeguarding was a highly stressful job (it was a very busy, popular pool with a lot of rowdy younger kids), and I got much more hands-on first aid experience than I was expecting. Being able to identify and treat different injuries was a novel experience for me. I love learning about anatomy and how each part of the body, every organ and tissue and bone, works perfectly with all of the others and, more importantly, all the ways to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. Emergency surgery and emergency medicine are made all the more interesting by the spontaneous and fast-paced nature of those specialties.”

“Currently, I’m wavering between the computer science and healthcare field. Computer science sparked my interest because seeing my sister, a programmer at Capital One, and her enthusiasm for her job inspired me to look into that field and register for a course next year. I also always had an interest in the healthcare field. When I was younger, I frequently visited the doctor’s office because of health issues, like asthma. So, it was always intriguing to see various procedures and doctors when I visited, though slightly scary, as well. As I grew up and learned more about the different medical fields. The unpredictability and interactive aspects of the field seemed really interesting and sounded like a suitable career option. For example, I wanted to try exploring gynecology after learning about women’s healthcare procedures. Now, I plan on applying for internships and shadowing this summer and next year to gain more experience and explore my interests.”

“I am interested in Surgery. My dream goal is to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Although, in my plan to go to medical school, the area of surgery could change. Yet, I am very confident that I will become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.”

“My current career interest is to become a pediatric surgeon. I love healthcare and enjoy all opportunities to learn about it. I want to care for pediatric patients in need of neonatal or general surgery. I am currently in the Ace Center at Hermitage High School where I participate in the nurse aide program. In this class we are learning all the proper skills to become certified nurse assistants. This class along with my participation in this program will be the beginning of many stepping stones as I pursue a career in healthcare.”

“I would like to be a doctor one day, most likely a plastic surgeon. I would not focus on cosmetics but rather the medical side of plastic surgery such as treating burns and deformities. Plastic surgery seems to suit my interests since I love art, especially sewing and creating 3D miniature models. I have watched minor surgeries from dermatologists during shadowing, and it appears exciting.”

“I aspire to be a medical professional and cardiology and neurology are two areas that are of great interest to me. My passion for cardiology stems from my paternal grandfather having an athlete’s heart which makes his heart beat fewer times than the average person and his heart’s need for a pacemaker to help regulate its heartbeat, and learning more about his condition inspired me, and drew me closer to cardiology. Within neurology specifically, I want to learn more about the development of the human brain and the effects of childhood trauma on brain development. I would like to work with children to help them lead healthier lives. Our understanding of the capabilities of technology and the brain continues to change rapidly and I want to be at the forefront of that change.”

“I am very interested in pursuing a career in medicine and scientific research. Medicine has always interested me even from a young age. Having been exposed to family and friends who are physicians, I had a curiosity towards the medical field. Also, I experienced the tragedy of a close family friend’s daughter passing away at a young age from leukemia, and since then I have been wanting to help children afflicted with terminal medical conditions like cancer. I involved myself in the ASK Childhood Cancer Research Foundation from elementary school and have volunteered in their various events to bring awareness to the community. By pursuing a career in medicine and research, I am hopeful to play a part in finding a cure for cancer as well as other medical conditions.”

“My current career interests include being a labor and delivery nurse when I finish my undergraduate. I would like to further my education and look to become a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. At one point I was interested in being a surgeon but most of my interests are in the nursing field so I can focus on patient care. I love caring for kids and babies, so I am very passionate about being a nurse in the pediatrics area”

“As a rising senior, my long-term goal is to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, potentially neurology, as I have a strong interest in medicine and giving back to my community. My belief in the common good and academic, volunteer, and leadership experiences have allowed me to collaborate with community leaders, health professionals, and students who also have a goal of becoming servant leaders. The thought of saving a life inspires me to work harder and participate in medical, leadership oriented activities that expand my knowledge of medicinal sciences and open up new perspectives of healthcare and public service as well. With the leadership aspect, I am interested in improving my communication and collaboration skills, and with my team-player personality and enjoyment for public speaking, I believe this opportunity would enable me to effectively interact with community members and leaders who could help me achieve my future goal of becoming a physician.”

“My career interests are in science and math. I’m considering medicine, audiology, speech pathology, and dietetics. I want to explore and experience medical settings and be able to make an informed decision about my career direction as I apply to colleges.”

“Currently, I have a couple of different interests in the medical field. My grandfather died of cancer when I was young, which sparked my interest in Oncology. Through my internship this year at VCU, I have become further interested in Oncology through the Cancer and Cardiology related research that I have assisted and observed in. I’m also very interested in Genetics, especially after taking a Genetics and Biotechnology course at my school last year. My interest in the medical field has provoked me to take many different science classes at my school. After next year, I will have completed every science course my school offers, other than AP Physics C.”

“I am interested in studying biomedical engineering at VCU. I would like to develop new products and technology that will improve human health. There are so many opportunities in biomedical engineering such as: prosthetics, assistive technologies, artificial organs, tissue engineering and biomaterials to improve patients’ lives. Understanding how the medical profession interacts and cares for patients through relationships and technology, will help me understand issues that will allow me to create better products for hospitals, patients, and medical professionals. I think it is important to collaborate with the disciplines in medicine and science through research. It is my goal to be an innovator in this discipline.”

“I am a ‘StAthlete’ – ‘St’ as a student means performing well academically in mathematics & science laying the foundation for my career in Pharmacy. ‘Athlete’ as an avid fitness and sports kid, being physically fit is important for my mind and body.  A career in Pharmacy is important because it provides opportunities for young girls like me to express creativity, abstract thought, and execute as problem solvers. I will be able to work directly within my community, improving patient care, relationship building and advocacy for living/sustaining a healthy lifestyle through education for medication taking how, when, how and what; fitness and good eating habits. Another reason why I’m interested in Pharmacy is because there is a lack of ethnic diversity of African American females entering Pharmaceutical career fields. I want to be a role model for my family and community to excel in a field where minorities are underrepresented.

“I plan to graduate as a biology major in hopes that I can continue onto physician assistant, nursing, or medical school, specifically in emergency medicine or obstetrics and gynecology; however, I am open to exploring other specialties or majors where I am able to provide my expertise and skills. Biology and medicine have always been my passion, and volunteering as an EMT has only further fueled them. I enjoy emergency medicine because its unpredictability makes it interesting and intriguing. Although I hope to continue volunteering as an EMT, I want to be able to accompany my patients throughout the entirety of their journey, rather than only the beginning as seen in emergency medical services. This, combined with my fascination with female reproductive health and pregnancies, led me to my second career specialty consideration: obstetrics and gynecology. Regardless of the setting, I hope to celebrate with and support patients as they face and overcome adversities.”