The MEDRVA Foundation’s purpose is to expand medical knowledge and access in Central Virginia. To fulfill that purpose, the MEDRVA Foundation’s summer program for area high school juniors and seniors, MEDRVA Scholars, acts to encourage interest in healthcare professions and community service. The MEDRVA Scholars program is designed to give students:

  • An immersive experience in rotations through busy healthcare settings
  • Personalized leadership training
  • Access to and interaction with community leaders
  • An introduction to nonprofit governance
  • A hands-on group project designed to exercise newly developed skills and knowledge

This week long program will be open to 12 students, selected for their academic achievements and interest in exploring healthcare as a potential profession. Participants will receive:

  • Personalized set of scrubs
  • Daily lunches & breakfast
  • Program graduation certificate
  • Potential to receive a personalized letter of recommendation for inclusion in college applications

The MEDRVA Scholars Program is still in the planning process for 2024. Please check back here for future updates.